The Vietnam War 50th Anniversary Commemorative Gift is a product of the partnership between the Naval Historical Foundation and Remember My Service Military productions. Together, with the rest of the nation, we take part in the Vietnam War 50th commemoration by telling their stories of service, duty,and sacrifice as they should have been told all along, and present them in this heirloom publication as a gift to our Vietnam Veterans during the commemorative period. 

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The Naval Historical Foundation is dedicated to preserving and honoring the legacy of those who came before us. Working closely with the U.S. Navy, the Naval Historical Foundation ensures that naval history remains in the forefront of American thought. We raise funds, acquire artifacts, and develop exhibits for the National Museum of the United States Navy. We encourage students and teachers to engage in naval history through educational programs, prizes, and fellowships. We’ve created a dynamic medium for conversation on the latest naval history publications through our Naval History Book Reviews program, which encourages both established scholars and amateur historians to write book reviews. Through these initiatives and more, we work to ensure that America’s great naval history is proudly remembered and passed on to future generations. Find out more about us by visiting

RMS has been publishing military commemoratives and historical records for more than a decade. This Vietnam 50th gift is based on the overwhelming success of their past publications. The Korean War 60th commemoration gift that was producedin collaboration with the Department of Defense and the Republic of Korea. Nearly 500,000 copies of that gift have been presented to Korean War veterans in all 50 states—fully funded by Korean companies and individuals, and distributed in cooperation with state veterans agencies and veterans service organizations. Similarly, the Desert Storm 25th commemorative is currently in distribution. Visit our website to learn more: