Ideally, the state’s Department of Veterans Affairs will oversee the distribution of the Commemorative Gift, but it is not required. This allows the state to:

  • Present the gift on behalf of the governor and grateful state citizens 
  • Provide leadership on the messaging for the first eight pages of the book
  • Determine the timing and location for the presentation of the gifts to Vietnam veterans throughout the state.

States may choose to commission a customized state edition of the book, with an accompanying eBook and feature documentary or wait until 2023 for a national edition which will be available for individual purchase, or possibly sponsored by national groups.

If the states opt for a customized edition, the funding model is typically one of the following options:

  • A public/private partnership: For example, Utah State Legislature recently unanimously passed a bill matching funds contributed by the private sector.
  • Exclusively private funding sources:  Corporate, non-profit or philanthropic individuals fund the gift, which is how the Massachusetts Edition was funded.
  • Governor’s office:  In Texas, the gift was funded by unused Governor’s Inauguration funds.
  • Exclusive public funds: In Iowa, the veterans license plate fund covered the entire cost of the gift. 

More information regarding the national edition in 2023 will be made available on this site as details are finalized.

Today, Americans always celebrate our returning troops, and we can thank our Vietnam veterans for teaching us how!  They are at every deployment ceremony, homecoming parade, and memorial service, holding our flag high. We hope you will join us in thanking them during this 50th Commemoration of their service and sacrifice. 

Governor Greg Abbott introduces the Texas Edition of the Vietnam 50th Commemorative Gift at a press conference, May 27, 2019. Video footage used by permission courtesy KVUE.

Governor Greg Abbott explains why Texas is distributing commemorative books. May 27, 2019. Video footage used by permission courtesy KVUE.

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