Thank you Utah Sponsors

This gift is presented on behalf of the State of Utah, together with our generous sponsors who join us in giving thanks for your service to our nation:


The State of Utah 


Gail Miller

Co-founder, Larry H. and Gail Miller
Family Foundation

2015 recipient of 
Salt Lake Chamber’s 
“Giant in Our City” award

Our greatest regret as a state may be the missed opportunities to honor Utah’s returning veterans from Vietnam five decades ago. Those brave men and women risked their lives doing what their country asked them to do. The war was not their fault, but they were treated terribly when they came home.

But time has a way of healing—and also correcting. Today is a new day. A more enlightened nation now gets a chance to commemorate those who served then—to look our Vietnam Veterans in the eye and say, “Thank you. Welcome back. This is your home, and we are proud of your service to our nation.”

This is the story of our Vietnam Veterans—a story of freedom. You have since returned home to our country, our state, and our hometowns. You have helped build the America that we know and love today. Generations of young Americans will see this book and learn the story of those Americans who fought on behalf of freedom for a people an ocean away. We will never forget all of you who served. Welcome home, and thank you.

Larry H. and Gail Miller Family Foundation   


Fred Lampropoulos
Chairman and CEO of
Merit Medical Systems, Inc.

Utah National Guard,
19th Special Forces

2011 Bronze Minuteman Award

With the Vietnam War now 50 years behind us, it is time to look back with appreciation for our own Utah veterans from this conflict. We recognize you for your efforts, your service, and your sacrifices during that time until now. 

The pages of this book pay tribute to and welcome home America’s Vietnam Veterans. We give our sincerest gratitude for your time-honored sacrifice on behalf of our country. We also give thanks to your families and loved ones who stood by you and supported you during and after the war. All your contributions are worthy of recognition, and we will remember you.

Thank you for your service.

Fred Lampropolous, Merit Medical


Ron Jibson
President and CEO,
Questar Corporation

2016 recipient of
Salt Lake Chamber’s
“Giant in Our City” award

Although the Vietnam War was one of our longest and most controversial wars, tens of thousands who were drafted to fight—including some of my friends—rose above the controversy to serve simply out of loyalty and patriotism. Many who served in Vietnam paid the ultimate price for their fellow citizens. Others suffered long-term effects and illnesses they still struggle with today. Unlike troops of other wars, Vietnam Veterans were not given the accolades they rightfully deserved.

All veterans should be commended for serving our country with valor. Questar Corporation appreciates this opportunity to help tell the story of the sacrifices of those who served—as it should have been told all along.


Ron Jibson, Questar Corporation