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Thank you dad for serving our country. You are my hero.

Samuel Dale Vance

A special Thank You to all my Viet Nam Era Vets. In memory of my cousin Pfc Ronald C Dexter,USMC from Milbank, SD Let us never forget the fallen and survivors !

Sp/5 Del Pratt HHB 5/38th Aty 2nd ID

To all my Brothers and Sister in arms

I want to welcome you home and my God bless you all.

Sp/5 James Nash
68-69 Dakto 4th inf div. 4th combat Eng.

Dad, Thank you for your service.

The White Family

Thank you to all Vietnam Veterans, specially too many MIA never returned to their warm homes. I carry you all in my heart forever. May God be close to their souls and those of their suffering families.

Yosef Ciccarella from Italy

Thanks Dad (Thomas A. Gill) for your service to your family and your country. We are forever grateful for your leadership!

Todd Gill

Welcome home and many thanks. We were not treated well when we returned, thanks for putting the past behind us.


Thank you to all Vietnam Veterans. You deserved to be treated so much better than you were when you returned. I am so very ashamed of how we, as a nation, reacted when you returned. It hurts my heart to this day. I was just 17 in 1975 but should have known better. A special THANK YOU to SSG Robert J. Acalatto from Pennsylvania, who continues to be MIA. We have not forgotten you. Any of you. Much love to you all. 🇺🇸❤🇺🇸❤🇺🇸❤

Robin Reynolds Duncan

Thanks to all who served in the military and in Vietnam.



Thanks dad for your service ! Charles Mellor - U.S. Navy

Chuck Mellor

Thank you for your service! A special thank you to my dad, Stephen H. Losey - Marine Corps

Jennifer Pepe

It is a honor to recognize and support our service people from the home or "Zone". Your contribution has helped keep our great Nation free!

Sp 4 Charles Hurt


Kay Delashmit King

I thank all of you for your service. I will never forget watching so many medivac helicopters coming into the Yokosuka Naval Base Heliport in Japan as an 8 year old dependant. It hit me then that with so many wounded coming in, that some wouldn't have survived the trip. Changed me forever. All gave some, some gave all. Salute!

Ray Nario - ET1(SS)

Thank you to all those who served during the Vietnam War, regardless of where you served. Support came from almost everywhere. Only politics kept us from winning.
Merlin Karger

Thank you for your service at Phng Rang air Base Q/ control f100 air crafts

Ben Gutierrez

You and many more displayed moral and physical courage by serving in Vietnam. Thank you, Capt. Clyde D. Batavia

Michael Schneider

Thank you to all the Vietnam Vets! In memory of Tom Gonzales Jr all never forget him.

Dorothy Simonich

A note to Honor my husband Cpl Joseph J Prindle Jr.- USMC Retired for his unselfish service in Vietnam and his 50 years of continued unselfish service to our Country.

Beth Prindle

Thank you for doing our dirty work for us. I don't know how I can convey into words how much and how grateful I am to all of you. Thank you!


What I think all you Vietnam veterans who served in country what an honor to know some of you it's been a long journey God bless all of you


I want to wish all of my Brothers and Sisters that served in Vietnam a great welcome home. Mac Porter 557 Engineers LE Company. Home base Di AN Vietnam! God Bless each one of you. And then super thanks to the folks who make this page available.

Mac Porter

I remember the nights of march 18 th and april 22 1969 when i lost my brothers that never had a chance to come home.In my Heart forever.Rangers lead the way

d morrill

Thank you to all who served our country at this very difficult time. Thank you for your service!

Joan Blake

Note of gratitude to all those sailors serving on destroyers during the Vitnam war

phil sanfilippo

You did the job you were sent to do and did it well "shooter". Thank you for all you did for your country and I am so sorry for the way you were treated when you came home. The help and counseling that you now give to the young soldiers coming home is a testament to your dedication to your fellow veterans. I love you so much-and I am very proud of you and all you have accomplished since your return home.

Marsha Schuetz

A huge THANK YOU and WELCOME HOME to all who did what their country asked of them. You bravely answered the call and came back to a country that didn't seem to care at all--for that I am deeply sorry. America has become wiser and better because of you!

Sharlene Hawkes

This may be a little out of the ordinary; but, I was there -- and I want to thank the guys with whom I worked as Military Policemen and others for being there for each other. It seemed that the only people on our side were the guys with whom we served. This is a major thank you to "MY BROTHERS FOREVER!"

Marshall Leon Lamb, Jr.

My best friend to this day, Bronze Star receipeant. We were young and strong, We did it all. Now do vacations together Old and not so strong, but we still love each other and have fun.

Andy moothart

To all that made it back and
And how we got treated when we return all they wanted us in body bags.
But little do they know that
We paid more in to social
Security, FICA then any Veteran returning from
any war,

David D Hansen

I may have only been a child at the time of the Vietnam War but it deeply saddens me how our country treated its own people when they came home. We should be ashamed of ourselves.
This honoring is so very much overdo. So many will not be here to see this. That is the most sad.
God bless ALL of the men and women in the armed services, past, present and future. Especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.
God Bless the USA!

Karen Chappell

My husband served in Vietnam as a proud Marine.
It was due to the sacrifices of these men and women, that we enjoy the freedom we have today. I thank every and all military , (veterans or still serving), for their commitment to keeping our country safe.
May God Bless you All, and God Bless America!

Connie Nolan

In honor of all those who serve and those who have given their lives and those who were and are injured! God bless and keep you in His care, now and always. You are brave and honorable men and women.

Karan A. Corley

Thank you for your acts of bravery and your selflessness. I am so grateful for your service!

C. Allred

Though you never came home, and are still missing in action, I want to thank you,my friend, for your willingness to serve. You always wanted to be a pilot. I only wish you had been able to fly home. I thank you and all of those who made the sacrifice to serve. A sacrifice that can only be fully realized by someone who did it. I thank you ALL for your Service and your Courage and your Sacrifice. Please know that you are our heroes. And you always will be.

Peggy Self Mitchell
Garth Johnson

Thank you to all who so bravely serve and sacrifice for this incredible nation.

Bradley Walker

I so deeply respect each one of you. Thank you for your examples of strength and resilience, and for your willingness to serve. I'm humbled by the magnitude of your sacrifices.

Elayne Wells Harmer

Thank you for your courage and service. Without YOU we would not be proud Americans.

S. Nicholson

Thank you to all who served and sacrificed. A special thanks to my daddy. I may not always be your little girl, but you will always be my hero. Thank you for your service.


I would like to thank each and every one of you for all the sacrifices you have made in defending our country.  God bless you all with infinity love and graditude.

Debbie Henry

God Bless You Dominic and Thank you for your service in Vietnam in the U.S.Army.

Dominic N Forte

I want to thank my husband Ray Ciervo for his service in Vietnam where he served his country for 15 months.  I am grateful that he is doing well today in spite of the issues he has had to deal with for the past 46 years.  God has been the main reason for that and I am very thankful for that.

Ray Ciervo

The parade we never received still hurts today. I'd do it again.

Thanks brothers.

Noel La Berge

Unit of "ABU" company, 1-327 Infantry, 1st Brigade, 101st Airborne Division, may recall your Adopted City of San Mateo, California who supported you from March 4, 1968 and Welcomed you home on a rotating visit, and finally as a who unit on Jan.22-24, l972 with a 3 day Welcome Home & Parade which honored you all, your service and sacrifices where appreciated by the citizens of that community and continue to this day.  Today we thank you all and recognize you as the courageous warriors that you were.

Linda Patterson

Thank you to all our Veterans but especially to those who served during Vietnan... A time when many Americans actively disrespected the honorable and selfless decision to serve our country... And for those who made the ultimate sacrifice.  No one who puts their life on the line for God and Country deserves to be disrespected.  We are blessed to have our Vets!

The Family of a Vietnam Vet

Thank you for your service especially to my dad who served in Vietnam

Cyndie stacy

Thanks dad for your service, love you! Tracey

Larry Joe Williams

Thank you for your service. To all Vietnam veterans, its been a long time coming.

T. Norton

Thank you for all you have done to keep America safe and free.

S. Wilson

Thanx skinny big uncle 4 yur service

Scott H Schultz

To the Grunts on Hill 881south I co 3/26 Semper Fi Respect!


Thank you for all you've done and continue to do for our country.

Mike Allred

Too little, so late...

I served in the Cold-War era, and the indifference was deafening.  Nobody prepared us for going home to nothing. 

Veteran-to-Veteran, Welcome home, brothers and sisters, thank you for all you did in the name of the American people.

JL Frusha

I met Ron  shortly after his return home from Vietnam September 1969. To me he was a returning Marine from a very unpopular war here at home. I never thought of the horror  that he must have gone through  during the past 13 months  that he spent in Vietnam . He was only 20 years old . He faced people who met him and his family who had not seen him in 18 mths  at Logan Airport .They called him every derogatory name you can think of including but not limited to Baby Killer to mention just one.  It left a lasting impression on him as you can imagine that has stayed with him throughout his life. I know that being over there seeing so much death and destruction changed  his life forever. On top of all that misery his returning home and being spat on is a memory he will never  forget or forgive. It is a black mark on the people of the US. I was very proud of him and still am after all these years. The people of this country are now recognizing these men and woman as heroes as well they should I just wish that the people of this country realized back in 1969 what a hero he and his fellow Vietnam  soldiers were and perhaps all of them including my husband would be a lot better off for it.


Thank you dad for your service and I love you very much from your daughter Amy

Donald Koesterer

Thank you for your love and service. I still miss you.will see you in heaven

michael lynn richards

Thank you for your service. Y'all are heroes!

J. Kadis

You are not only a war hero, you are my hero! I'm so grateful for your service and proud to call you my father! I'm sorry you were treated so poorly by the people of this country when you came home from the war! You didn't deserve that! None of the vets did! If you were still here you would see that has changed so much and that your services and sacrifices are appreciated now more than ever! To all the amazing and selfless men and women of this country who fought for our freedoms in the Vietnam war.. THANK YOU for your service!  

-Amy L. Hoffman

Marc L. Hoffman

So few of you protect the vast majority of us out of sense of duty from your core, seldom dwelling on the sacrifice that you've made, nor requiring the gratitude of the people who receive the benefit of your actions. You are all heroes. I am thankful for the sacrifices that my father, and those who served with him, have made to protect this country that afforded me many opportunities to thrive, just as you intended. Thank you.

Emily Rivers

Thank you for serving our country when called to do so.  Thank you really isn't enough for what you had to go through.

Floyd Bartlett

Ty all for your service.

Tom Larsen

Thank you for enduring the hatred of many Americans during very troubling time. My father came home from Vietnam injured. The plane he was on was directed to land on a back  runway, out of sight of the public. My Mom and other wives went to the airport many times to pass out cookies and punch to the servicemen who landed at the airport. Your service was never honored publicly, but privately thousands of people honored your sacrifice.


Thank you for service and your sacrifice in behalf of our country.

D. Nelson

Thank you to all Vietnam Veterans for your service!

Dan Evans

The journey home continues . . . I have learned so much more than I ever imagined possible through the stories the veterans have so genuinely shared here.  The words, “Thank you for your service,” now have new meaning, and touch me to the core. I am grateful to more fully understand the true meaning of “service.” Thank you for letting me be a part of your experience.

Rebecca Thomas